Honey & Beeswax Lip Balm

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The best natural ingredients make for the best natural lip balm. Norwegian honey and beeswax, lanolin, almond oil, olive oil and myrrh whipped together to give a luxury balm that applies lightly, smoothly and will last on your lips.

Honey and Beeswax: My honey and beeswax comes from Nordre Bergan farm near Sandefjord.  The beeswax is a rich dark yellow and smells wonderful. I collect it straight from Anita at the farm and filter it 3 times. Beeswax forms a protective barrier on your lips, whilst holding in moisture. 

The benefits of honey have been known for millennia. It is a natural humectant, attracting and holding moisture to the skin. It is antibacterial, and speeds the healing of cracked lips. Honey is also packed full of antioxidants thought to slow signs of aging. And all the better when it comes from such a beautiful place:

Lanolin: a fantastic ingredient for cracked skin (as any nursing mother will tell you!). It's protective against cold harsh weather conditions, while allowing the skin to breathe. Unlike petroleum-based emollients, lanolin forms a non-occlusive barrier, which means it doesn't smother the skin. 

Myrrh, aside from its wonderful aroma, is an essential oil high in antioxidants and is used for healing chapped skin.

Ingredients: Beeswax, Sweet almond oil, olive oil, lanolin, honey, myrrh essential oil.

Packaged in a 10ml aluminium tin. Apply as often as necessary. Can also be used on other severely chapped areas such as heels and elbows.



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