Berget det blå - Pumice and Lavender natural soap

129,00 kr

A fantastic dual purpose soap. The purple side is packed with ground pumice stone to remove dead cells and give your skin a wonderful polish. The white side is totally smooth for more delicate areas. 


Lavender and petitgrain essential oils combine to create a bright, warm and woody scent with fresh citrus overtones.


Berget det blå is the mountain home of the king of trolls. Deep inside the mountain is a whole other world, with sky and grass and a beautiful castle.  Naturally the castle is the perfect place to imprison kidnapped princesses.  If, like Askeladden, you are intent on the dangerous journey to rescue a princess or two you better make sure your skin is in top notch condition by using this pumice soap.


Olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, pumice stone, activated charcoal, titanium dioxide, essential oil blend.  Approx 110g

To get the most out of your handmade soap:

Allow the soap to dry fully by using a soap dish that drains water away and allows air to circulate. If you aren't using the soap straight away store in a dry and well ventilated place.

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