January Progress January 27 2015

After the crazy selling frenzy of the Christmas period, January has been a hive of activity of a different sort.  I'm the first to admit that in the matter of running a business I am completely out of my comfort zone.  Everything in this regard I am doing for the first time. Registering the business as a legal entity in Norway took me FOREVER. (OK, only about 2 hours but it took me two weeks to read all gumph and pluck up the courage to begin) Translating all that legal language was a royal pain. Also navigating the Norwegian VAT rules when you know nothing about tax is also, well, taxing frankly. And don't get me started on the EU cosmetic testing and notification regulations.  <shudder>

Exciting tasks this month have included sorting out my packaging.  If you have bought soap from me before you know I have been wrapping it in lovely paper with sticky labels. I loved how they looked but jeepers did that take a long time? Yes. It did. Along with my fabulous designers at Page Black we have designed a unique box that I hope will protect the soap and display it to its full advantage. The boxes are being manufactured in Sweden and are due to arrive in a week or two.

Once I have the packaging in place it is on to the next phase for Yager and May.  Find new wholesale accounts! Again, this is all new to me and I am feeling my way in the dark. I've never been a salesman before, I've never negotiated wholesale prices or minimum orders, or cold called customers. It's a whole new world!

Also this month, just because I can't help but create new stuff, I have been experimenting with making liquid soaps and also some natural lip gloss products. I hope to bring new products to you later this year, or you might even find some little samples of test batches in your web orders if you are lucky ;)