Where is all the soap? January 08 2015

I admit, I was totally taken by surprise by the amount of soap I sold over christmas. What a luxury problem! I've been making more but the 4 weeks curing time means the web shop has been looking rather bare recently.

So - what's on the curing racks? Below is a redesign of Åse Gåsepike. It smells divine, sweet vanilla, nutmeg, almonds.  Good enough to eat.


These photos show how I cure the soap. It is stacked in ventilated trays for a couple of weeks.  Then I bevel the edges (with my trusty potato peeler) and restack the bars a bit closer to save on space. You can see my best sellers from last year along with some new ones for the winter months.  Next week the first new ones will be ready and up on the website.

Happy new year to you all!