Hydrogen Fabrikken Julemarked December 14 2014

Aaaaaand relax. We had a super hectic weekend at the Hydrogen Fabrikken Julemarked, but it was fantastic fun.  There were so many lovely and creative people exhibiting there, and hundreds of wonderful customers too.  I had a ton of sell outs, which is why the web shop is looking a bit on the sparse side this evening.

Generally speaking my sales technique is to stand in front of my table and thrust soap under the nose of anyone who comes within sniffing distance. I felt slightly sorry for my stall neighbours who heard me say 'Vaere så god, du kan lukte, det er helt naturlig såpe, håndlaget i Fredrikstad' etc etc literally a thousand times this weekend.  Frankly I was sick of the sound of my own voice, so I can't imagine how awful it must have been for them. Anyway, my shameless marketing worked well and I hope lots of people will be getting soapy christmas gifts this year!

I was also excited to be interviewed for the local paper. You can read the Fredrikstad Blad article here

I intend to have a day off tomorrow and then its all hands to the pumps to restock the most popular soaps for the new year.  I can confirm that, besides the christmas ones which disappeared in a blink, the top sellers were Sommernatt, Nordavinden, and Heksens Hus. You like 'em minty and citrusy apparently!

Also I am bubbling with new soap ideas, so stay tuned :)

Hilsen, Rachel


Photos from Fredrikstad Blad