Final Christmas soap! December 02 2014

Its been a week since I made a soap batch so I rectified that today with a cheeky extra christmas soap. This was a glorious experiment and it may or may not look good inside - I will find out tomorrow when its cut into bars.

I used coffee grounds to colour the base a deep brown and add some scrubby action, then layers of burgundy and gold soap, with gold mica, cinnamon sticks, star anise and poppy seeds on the top.  The essential oil blend is a spicy cinnamon, clove, vanilla, bergamot and more. Spice oils are tricky to work with because they accelerate the speed the soap thickens so I had a bit of a rush to get it in the mold, and I had to abandon my plan for a swirl in the colours.  Still, it was an exercise in flexible thinking!

It won't be available next weekend, but I will bring it to the Hydrogen Fabrikken on the 13/14th as long as you promise not to use it straight away!

Hilsen x R