Our first Julemarked December 01 2014

We had a great weekend at the Fredrikstad Gamlebyen Julemarked.  I mean, we froze half to death, but it was worth it! I had my good friend Ally helping out. She was amazing - 5 months pregnant and she still stood all day, talking to everyone and generally being encouraging. We made quite an eccentric pair, a Brit and a Spaniard, struggling along in crappy norwegian. (mine is worse then Ally's)

One of the nice things about selling face to face is meeting different people and being able to answer all their questions. We had lots of enthusiastic customers and also a few disappointed ones.  I lost count of the number of times we heard <excitedly> 'Ooooooooh cake!' <disappointedly> 'Oh. Soap.'  One man rushed across the square calling to his wife to come and see the cheese. We sold him some soap, but with strict instructions not to eat it.

I will be there again next weekend so come along and say hello. I had two varieties sell out, so don't leave it too long!