Why is your company called Yager and May? November 18 2014

Today I was asked to explain my company name.  Here goes...

Yager is my family name, the surname of my Grandparents.  Much of the person I am I owe to my grandparents, both of whom were great examples to me, and unfailingly encouraging.  They were creative to the core, especially my grandfather who always had some crack-pot artistic project on the go and could turn his hand to anything.

May is my middle name, as it was my grandmothers and my great-grandmothers. 

It feels good to be saying aloud the names of my long gone family that meant so much to me.  Its a source of inspiration, and commitment to this project. 

Plus I thought it sounded cool, kinda like a Victorian soap company so why the hell not?

This is me (aged 7 or 8) and my grandmother, Elizabeth May Yager. I have no idea what I am holding in this picture.