About me October 28 2014

I'm Rachel. I'm a soapmaker. It's both strange and exciting to describe myself that way because until recently I have been working as an architect.  I started Yager and May after being made redundant for the second time in 3 years. It was the push I needed to start my own business.

I began making soap in 2004 after finding some soaping books in a secondhand bookshop. I love to try new crafts and launched headlong into the traditional cold process method of soap making.

It wasn't long before I had made more soap my friends and family could use in a lifetime so I started to sell it. Back then I used PVC pipes as molds and wrapped my soap in brown paper. I did events, craft shows and county fairs at weekends. It was good fun but only ever a hobby; I still had the day job in architecture. 

We moved from Scotland to Norway in 2011. The soap took a back seat while we began a new life. 

Eventually I acknowledged to myself that if I am to be truly fulfilled I need to work making something with my own hands. Making something that people love and want to use everyday.

Soapmaking ticks so many boxes. Doing it well requires knowledge, skill and practice. I read and research ALOT, I'm always working to further my skills, and every batch I make I learn something about this fascinating stuff.

My soap is both art and chemistry, it's both useful and beautiful, it's an everyday substance made unique.