Viking Ships Custom Soap - Gokstad Bedhead April 27 2016

This is one of my favourite custom projects so far - A stamped soap for the Viking ships house in Oslo.

The ships are amazing, but I'm always drawn to the other stuff that was found alongside the ships in the burial mounds. There are all sorts of fabulous things, from sleds to shoes. A bed that was buried with the Gokstad ship has the most beautiful carved horses heads on the posts, and it's this that was the inspiration for the image on the soap. 

I had to rework the design a number of times to get it simple enough to work as a soap stamp. The stamp was laser cut from acrylic by a company in the uk. 

Please excuse the bad photo of the bedhead, the lights in the museum are very low to conserve the artifacts.

You can get this soap in the shop in the Vikingskipshuset, Oslo.