Astrup Soap for KODE Kunstmuseene in Bergen April 15 2016

Recently I've had the pleasure of working on a soap especially for KODE kunstmuseene in Bergen. They are having an exhibition of Nikolai Astrup paintings and wanted a soap to sell in the gift shop to celebrate this. It was fantastic fun because so many of Astrup's paintings were inspiring. Gorgeous colours, and a level of abstraction that fits well with trying to create art using soap!

I chose to go with 'Clear June Night' because of the colours, but mainly because I really wanted to make those drifts of buttercups.

The process was to start with a small batch of plain yellow soap. After a day to set firm I chopped the yellow soap into little chunks and rolled them in some gold mica powder. 

The next batch of soap was split - 2/3 was coloured green using french green clay, and 1/3 was coloured blue using ultramarine mineral pigment and a touch of green clay to get an aqua colour. It's fragranced with a lovely mix of floral essential oils.

I tilted the mould and started pouring the soap in alternate layers of green and blue from one side of the mould. Halfway though I sprinkled in a layer of the gold 'buttercup' soap chunks. Then I continued pouring the layers finishing with a swirl of both green and blue on the top, along with a little crop of buttercups for good measure.

If you want this soap you will have to visit the exhibition ;)

I'm hoping they ask me to do another custom soap because my next choice of Astrup painting is this: